V.O.C Events

Voice of Customer

Virtual events


We offer intimate virtual events inviting diverse influencers to sample your products in the comfort of their own home.   We also bring the same type of intimacy and product knowledge to your current base and provide the highest level of interaction. Think of Chef's Table, but virtually.

marketing needs & add-ons


Our marketing specialities encompass online materials and social media management.  We also provide MC, DJ, and Videography services to add a little more spice to your events.

Owner (Valencienne, Bespoke Bridal Dress Boutique)



"I have been in business for over 30 years and wanted to renew my presence in the industry. V.O.C's creativity and ability to create buzz was so impressive, we had to book 4 additional events due to the demand."

@eatFamous (275K followers, Ryan Hinkson, Food influencer and podcaster)


"I pride myself on discovering great locales and honest opinions.  Attending VOC Events has enabled me to discover new businesses and have an such an incredible appreciation for the owners behind the end product.  I am always happy to participate in their events."



What we do

 We are the Voice of our Customers

Specializing in Virtual and In-person events


Let us help you be your voice.  We firmly believe that the best way to deliver your value proposition to your customers is to be clear in your communication, and let them experience it for themselves. Our goal is to be a natural extension of your business and to create and reinforce your brand loyalty.  Coupled with our creativity, dedication, and over 20 years of combined industry tenure, we know how to entertain, execute, and build experiences.  We create brand awareness,  improve your relationship with your current base, and help grow your bottom line. 

Let's chat to see how we can help you.

@susanluckywong (40.4K Followers, Toronto Lifestyle, National Post Journalist)


"From the packaging, to the hand-picked participants, and finally the discussion points, the event was creative and exceptional even compared to an in-person event. It made me appreciate the food and the distinct flavours. I am excited to share this restaurant to my followers."

In-person events


Our live events have brought together the likes of top industry professionals. We offer one of a kind, showstopping experiences that gain immediate attention and impactful results.  Imagine the first time you saw fireworks and the feeling it gave you. That is exactly what we provide.